Wall-Mounted Easel

Who knew that a shrunken sweater could be turned into a coaster?

Star Mirror

This stunning star mirror looks like it belongs in Pottery Barn’s summer catalog. But actually, it costs less than $25 to make.

Nautical Vase

Jute rope turns a cheap vase into a statement piece. It’s as easy as it looks: Simply, hot-glue jute rope around a vessel for a beach-ready look.

Chic Cabinet Tray

With paint and a pair of drawer pulls, a salvaged cabinet door becomes a makeshift cheese board or TV dinner tray. To make, fill holes in the board with wood filler and let dry. Sand and paint the surface, pre-drill holes, and screw in handles.

Blanket Ladder

Because your living room isn’t cozy unless it has at least three fuzzy throws. Before putting it on display, dress up a plain blanket by creating extra-large tassels and pom-poms from thick yarn and knotting them onto the end. Joanna Gaines would be proud.

Wall-Mounted Easel

Here, your kid’s knack for writing on the wall isn’t a bad thing. This easel is attached to the wall, which is an easy way to put your kid’s artwork on display or keep your grocery list in plain sight.

Book Side Table

Put your dusty encyclopedias to good use with this side table. To assemble, cut trim to form a box frame that fits snugly around one book, nail frame to the tabletop’s underside, and paint the top. Drill a hole the size of dowel through each book’s center add glue dowel to the center of the table’s underside. Stack encyclopedias, lining up holes, and twisting (as shown). Skewer the dowel through the holes to attach the tabletop

Cork Lamp

This bulletin board goes off the wall and around a lamp base in this easy-to-follow craft. Trim a length of cork to the height and circumference of the lamp. Notch a small hole in the back for the
cord to poke through, if needed. Peel off the backing of cork and attach, smoothing it down and around with your hands. Cut out a circle for the base’s top and attach with hot glue.

Spill-Proof Placemats

Instead of settling for kid-friendly placements that don’t align with your décor, craft your own with the fabric of your choice. Cut fabric into 12-by-17 inch rectangles and iron. For each mat, cut two rectangles of the same size from a sheet of vinyl. Iron a piece of vinyl on each side of the place mat and trim the edges with pinking shears.

Wool Coasters

This simple craft turns your tattered cardigans, shrunken V-necks, or the kids’ castoffs into coasters that you can use time and time again. Wash 100% wool in hot water, then dry with an agitator like jeans. After three rounds, sweaters should feel taut and felt-like. Use a pencil and a large-mouthed glass to trace circles onto the fabric and then snip out a set.

Print-Out Art

Dress up bare walls with a trip to the photo shop. Get a favorite shot digitally enlarged and then add strips of wood along the top and bottom as a quick frame.